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I have been in the Natural Foods, Emergency Preparedness and Outdoor Recreation industries since 1975. I am very familiar with the products offers. This is the online company I use to obtain the finest in natural products including: supplements, body care, natural health and home products and non-perishable groceries. Their prices and selection are the best online and they will save you a considerable amount of money. They ship worldwide with very low minimums for free shipping, and they have an excellent rewards program.

Please check them out for yourself at If you decide to make a purchase please use code DEN173 at checkout for a first time discount of $5.00 to $10.00 and to join their rewards program. Once again I highly recommend this company not only for natural products used daily, but also for supplements and shelf-stable grocery items that are valuable for your emergency preparedness provisions. Below are a few of the products I recommend for your preparedness supplies.

I suggest you study not only the products they offer, but also the links to a wealth of reliable information including their natural health encyclopedia.

Denis Korn - PrepareDirect

About iHerb from their website:

Named #1 online supplement store by 4 years in a row!

Mission Statement:
Providing the best overall value for natural products through "e-simplicity".
Core Values: Conscientiously meeting the needs of our customers, business partners and employees, while always safeguarding the environment.

For over 19 years, since 1996, iHerb has striven to enhance your online shopping experience. Initially, our company promoted the benefits of St. John's Wort. Hence the name: iHerb. It is now a world-class online store, supplying a vast selection of brand name natural products. We believe iHerb offers the best overall value, period! Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers. Read More

With our advanced e-commerce platform, plus our 360,000 sq. ft.Moreno Valley warehouse (almost 6X as big as before), you'll find:

Features to make your online ordering safer, faster and more pleasant.
Over 1,000 well-known, respected brands. Over 35,000 products.

We are confident you'll find iHerb to be your first choice for quality, price, reliability and convenience--on every effortless order. Try us!

View the Quality Assurances by some of the brands we carry QC Issues

1. Best overall value!

iHerb is dedicated to providing the best overall value possible! By making volume purchases from top name product suppliers, we are able to offer substantial discounts across all product lines and categories --including high quality supplements, natural grocery, bath and beauty, sport supplements and more. When you consider price, selection, ease of ordering, shipping and customer support, the advantages of choosing iHerb become crystal clear.

Same-day shipping guarantee.
iHerb guarantees all orders placed by 1 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) to be shipped out the same business day. Please note that this offer excludes international orders. Also note that orders placed during weekends or holidays will be processed the following business day.
2. Leading brands, huge selection, state-of-the-art warehouse

Browse our site, and you'll find thousands of brand name products you could also find at health food stores and natural pharmacies --with one important difference: our prices are typically 30 - 40% less. In addition, we have outfitted a sparkling clean 360,000 sq.ft.(33,445 sq. meter) fully air-conditioned warehouse to accommodate an expanding inventory of over 30,000 items. Our facility is poised to become the first, or one of the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) warehouses in our industry. With our wide selection of quality brands, we think iHerb is a great choice for your one-stop shopping!
3. Assurance of freshness with expiration dates

Most products we carry have expiration or best-by dates, which can be accessed on the product page. It's like holding the real bottle or package in your hand, as you would in a typical "brick and mortar" store. Another important fact: we have one of the highest product turnover rates in the industry. So, nothing stays around long--except our employees & customers :-)
If a product is out of stock, this fact will be noted in the product page. Occasionally, products will sell out faster than we can update. As an added protection, we won't process your order if the product is out of stock or unavailable.
4. Effortless ordering

We make the shopping experience simple, moving you smoothly from login through checkout. And reordering is a breeze: update a previous order with just a few clicks, and you're done. When ordering from us, rest assured that your credit card and personal information will remain 100% private and secure.
5. Real people, rapid service
One of the ways iHerb can offer such low prices is by automating the whole ordering process. While our customer service agents don't actually take orders, they do offer real live customer support from our California facility, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.(Pacific Time), Monday - Friday. We are also reachable during extended hours by chat and email to answer questions and resolve issues with your order. Of course, nobody's perfect. We may get quite busy at times, and we ask for a little patience. We'll do our best to take care of things promptly, efficiently and courteously--this is what our customers deserve!
6. Assurance of privacy and credit card security

Since its inception nearly 19 years ago, has never sold, leased or shared any customer information with other parties. Your personal information remains entirely confidential. For added security, our web site is hosted privately (not shared with any other company). We use the very latest encryption software to protect your personal financial information. Read our Privacy Policy
7. Abundant shipping options

We know it's sometimes hard to remember when supplements are running low, the pantry is getting empty, and your toothpaste supply is squeezed. And we know you want to avoid paying outrageous prices to get your products sooner. So iHerb offers a range of shipping options for getting your products to you on YOUR schedule. In the U.S., you may choose Priority Airmail to the 50 states, and several UPS options (all discounted or at no cost) to the Lower 48. For international destinations, we have a selection of top carriers, offering fast delivery--in as short a time as 2 - 3 days.
8. Rewards Program

From the outset, we decided to forgo the expense of traditional advertising, and then pass the savings on to our customers. Three years back, we created a simple iHerb Rewards program that takes the savings even further. iHerb Rewards gives new customers a discount for trying iHerb, and rewards existing customers with credits or cash for making the referrals. iHerb Rewards is a great way to help friends, family and colleagues save money at iHerb, and build reward credits for saving on your future orders.
9. Library of information from unbiased sources

Sure, you can enter a few words in a search engine and find all kinds of information on the Internet --but much of what you see may be from sources promoting their own solutions or agendas. That's not our approach. iHerb gives you full access to an incredible amount of unbiased, science-based information about alternative and traditional healing, nutrition, lifestyle, longevity and more. We offer customers and visitors alike access to highly respected sources of information, including The Natural Pharmacy, German Commission E Monographs and HerbalGram magazine. It's another way iHerb gives you more.
10. A greener way to shop

When you shop with us, you're part of a global solution. iHerb uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper for 90% of all shipping boxes. Our bubble wrap is 40% recyclable, and we recycle virtually all packing materials received from manufacturers. All in the interest of a healthier, more sustainable planet! Read more.

Experience the difference when you order today! has run a thriving e-commerce business for nearly 19 years. What is the key to our continued success? Simply this: we keep the customers' needs uppermost in our minds. Try us, and enjoy the iHerb difference!