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ACR Firefly«3 Rescue Strobe Light
ACR Firefly®3 Rescue Strobe Light

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Product Code: 1905000

Firefly®3 Rescue Strobe Light

  • Manually activated rescue strobe
  • 360┬░ high intensity Xenon strobe visible for up to 2 miles
  • Large sliding switch allows for easy operation by gloved hands
  • Newly-designed base platform allows unit to stand upright easily
  • Conceived as state-of-the-art replacement for famous Firefly forerunners, 4F and 4G
  • Designed as "electronic flare" to replace day/night pyrotechnic signal in aviation life rafts
  • Stainless steel retainer securely attaches removable battery door to case
  • Integral strapping slots provide a secure anchor point
  • Ideal for life vests, safety harnesses, backpacks and flight suits.

Common Specifications for FireFly3

  • 4.75" x 2.2" x 1.2" (12.1 x 5.6 x 3.0 cm)

  • Weight:
  • 3.8 oz (105 g) with Lithium batteries

  • Material:
  • Polycarbonate

  • Waterproof:
  • Factory tested to 10m (33 ft)

  • Beam Angle:
  • Omni-directional 360┬░

  • Visibility:
  • Visible up to 2mi (5 km)

  • Flash Rate:
  • 60 ┬▒ 10 flashes per minute

  • Lamp:
  • High intensity Xenon strobe

  • Battery Type:
  • 2 AA alkaline or 1.5V lithium (5 year replacement life) not included

  • Certification:
  • USCG 161.012/58/0 (alkaline or lithium)
  • USCG SOLAS 161.112/58/0; MO LSA Code Res. MSC.81(70);
  • FAA (TSO-C85) approved (with lithium dated batteries only)

  • Limited Warranty:
  • 1 year

  • Operational Life:
  • Minimum 8 hours continuous @ 30┬░F (-1┬░C) meets USCG and IMO (SOLAS) specifications.
  • ACR / Artex (ACR Electronics, Inc.) is the leading development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives.  Through our combined technology expertise in the marine, aviation, outdoor and military markets, we design and manufacture cutting edge rescue beacons and survival gear for boaters, pilots, hunters, hikers and combat troops, not to mention many of the leading boat builders and aircraft manufacturers in the industry.