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Ageless Oxygen Absorbers - Z500 - 100 Count
Ageless Oxygen Absorbers - Z500 - 100 Count

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Ageless Oxygen Absorbers - Z500 - 100 Count

Oxygen is essential for humans. Oxygen is an active element which changes everything. By removing oxygen from the environment of the package, there will be no oxidation. It is quite simple, if there is no oxygen, there will be no oxidation or no mold growth.

Metallic Iron usually experiences rust due to the oxygen in air. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical found this simple and natural mechanism is good for Food preservation by creating an oxygen free environment. This discovery became a Mitsubishi Gas Chemical patent and Ageless was developed and commercialized in 1977. This was the first oxygen absorber and remains the World’s Top brand today. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is proud that Ageless is the most reliable and highest quality oxygen absorber available today.

  • Z100 size is for pouches or containers quart to ½ gallon.
  • Z300 size is for gallon size pouches or containers #10 can or gallon.
  • Z500 size is for larger pouches or containers #10 or gallon or larger. 2 or 3 for a 5 or 6 gal container
  • You can use multiples of Z500 for larger containers 3 – 7 gallons.
  • Take out the absorbers you are going to use (within 2-4 hours or less) – spread them out on a table or tray – reseal or pack the remaining absorbers in the master bag (if you have an impulse sealer or other appropriate sealer), or another high barrier film pouch (like a food saver), or container (without the proper pouch sealer, many people use an appropriate size canning jar with an air tight lid – packed tight) – DO NOT USE ZIP LOCK BAGS.
  • Use the absorbers you have within 6 months to 1 year.
  • Be aware of the gas barrier transmission rates of the containers you are using – metal and glass have a zero transmission rate for both vapor and gas. The type of material you use will determine how long it retains an oxygen free atmosphere. The seal must be air tight.
  • For complete instructions and information, it is highly recommended that you read the entire article linked below at Learn To Prepare.


Advantages of an “Ageless” oxygen absorber (and other quality absorbers)

  • Reduces oxygen in an airtight container down to 0.1% or less to prolong a product’s shelf life.
  • It prevents oxidation and mold, bacteria, microorganisms, insect infestation and the like, which thrive in an oxygen-rich packaging environment.
  • Done properly, it is simple to use.
  • Keeps food products from losing their freshness, color, taste, flavor, wholesome goodness, and important nutritional value when exposed to oxygen.
  • Conventional preservatives, antioxidants, gas flushing, and vacuum packing often are not effective because they do not completely eliminate oxygen.
  • Conventional and artificial preservatives may be undesirable to many and may produce adverse health affects.
  • The oxygen absorber is safe to use. They have been tested and found to be practically non-toxic. The LD50 Value of the contents is safer than salt.
  • The major component of “Ageless” is powdered iron oxide, an odorless material that in its sachet has no effect on the foods in the container.
  • The sachet can be discarded through ordinary disposal methods, with no special treatment required.

Ageless Oxygen Absorbers Z300 are recommended for 1 gal size containers or larger - cans, jars and foil pouches. Loosely or tightly packed. It is recommended to leave a 1/2 inch to 1 inch space at the top of a container.