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SolSource Cover
SolSource Cover

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Solar Cover

This SolSource solar cooker cover is designed especially for the award-winning SolSource Solar Cooker. When the cooker is not in use, this cover prevents unwanted glare. It has built in hooks that allows a snug and secure fitting around the solar cooker. Fasteners are used to add extra security. So the cover can never been blown off. The material used is lightweight yet tough, at 300 denier, to ensure durability. This is a recommended accessory for our SolSource Solar Cooker.


Diameter: 50” or 1.5M




ISO 9001
ISO 14001
B Corp Certified
Living Products Certification


  • Perfect fit for SolSource Solar Cookers.
  • Prevent unwanted glare when cooker is not in use.
  • Protect your SolSource solar cooker from UV, water, dirt, and wind.
  • Double stitched seams for durability.


SolSource Solar Cooker is the ultimate solar cooker.

  • 100% solar powered
  • Reached 550F/350C
  • Boils 1 quart of water in 10 minutes
  • Works with indoor cookware
  • Purify water for drinking
SolSource engineered the 4’3″ (1.3m) wide solar reflector to achieve the perfect curvature for capturing sun light. This geometry enables the solar cooker to achieve 92% efficiency and provide the equivalent of 1,000 watt of cooking power. The V-shape cut out provides the perfect chef interface.

Its innovative design allows you to capture sunlight to give you extraordinary heat – you can cook healthy and delicious meals outdoors and indoors, boil and purify water for drinking, sterilize jars and utensils for food preservation, and heat water for domestic use for outdoor living or during power outage.

How does it work? The parabolic mirror concentrates direct sunlight onto the cookware for instant heat reaching 550°F / 280°C. That means you can boil 4 cups / 1 litre of water in 10 minutes.

Thanks to its unique chef interface, cooking on the award-winning SolSource solar cooker is just like cooking on a conventional stove top. Quick start – point the cooker to the sun and it heats up 5x faster than charcoal. So you can grill chicken and steaks, stir-fry vegetables or boil pasta just like the way you do. You can control the heat by simply adjusting the reflective mirrors. It is perfect for sustainable and off grid living.

The advance self-healing polymer maximizes the effectiveness of the reflective mirrors and ensures durability. It is easy to clean too – with soapy water and a soft cloth.

When disaster strikes, having the right equipment is crucial as part of your preparation. Designed to reach temperatures of 550°F degrees in a matter of minutes, SolSource Solar Cooker is a powerful and versatile cooker that fills your survival needs without relying on any gas, charcoal or electricity. Hailed as the single most self-reliant way to cook food and heat water, SolSource lets you save resources while being fully prepared.

Emergency Preparedness

Disasters can happen any time. Every individual can take steps to prepare for an emergency (ready.gov). This is why being prepared with the right survival gear has become more important than ever. In the event of a grid failure, you would still have to provide potable water and hot food for your family, which makes the ability to purify water and cook food among the most important survival skills in a disaster.

If you have to evacuate due to further risks, SolSource Solar Cooker is transportable in its box and can be reassembled easily. Partial disassembly allows you to relocate to new destinations easily, which makes it ideal for a base camp or bug out location. Solar cooking is smoke free – this is particularly useful if you want to remain undetected.

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