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Why Gourmet Reserves by AlpineAire Foods?

In 1989 the food reserves division of AlpineAire Foods was developed and introduced to address the growing need for high quality, convenient, familiar, and real shelf stable food products. Gourmet Reserves was created to meet the needs of individuals or organizations that desire to be self-sufficient during a situation where normal food supplies are not readily available.

The emphasis is on nutritious freeze-dried, instant, and specially dehydrated foods that include both a wide variety of exciting complete meal recipes, and many individual items. Gourmet Reserves is acknowledged as the industry leader and sets the standards for full variety, wholesome, and beneficial food reserves.

In an industry that sees numerous small scale canneries come and go depending on shifting economic conditions, AlpineAire as an established and trusted industry leader, can be depended upon to be available in the future to assist you, as it has been since 1979. Reliability and continuity of service is essential when one makes a significant investment in a food reserve program.

Because of AlpineAire's 36 years experience providing major long term expeditions and outdoor adventurers with wholesome and nourishing food, no other food reserve manufacturer can match the proven success of AlpineAire's competence in exclusively feeding and sustaining people for a very long term with verified results!

The advantages of Gourmet Reserves shelf stable foods include:

100% No Cooking Required Gourmet Supreme Systems of 1 year - 6 months - 3 months - 1.5 months are unique and very convenient.

Eat as is, or just add hot or cold water, depending on the item. For many folks it is often difficult during prolonged emergency situations to adjust to a dramatic change in diet. It is also difficult to predict the time and conditions available for meal preparation, and water availability. No cooking required, just-add-water meals make efficient use of what could be a limited supply of water. Systems are assembled to supply both your long-term and short-term needs.

The Versatile and Primary Systems

These systems combine a large variety of different foods - some no cooking required and some that do require cooking - this provides versatility and economy. Available in 1 year to 1 month options.

The Exclusive Founder's Choice® Food Systems

These systems include the Deluxe System that is the finest food reserve system available anywhere and is an exclusive assortment obtainable only from PrepareDirect. The ultimate in convenience with a 100% No Cook feature and 72 different food items that supplies 2 years or more for 1 or 1 year or more for 2.

Familiar Foods

It is essential that emergency food reserves be familiar and digestible and enjoyed by both adults and children. Why invest in foods that you consider eating only for survival - foods that you would not normally want to eat. You are encouraged to enjoy Gourmet Reserves foods anytime. Rotation into your normal eating patterns is recommended.

Extensive Variety

Over 20 food system choices, 16 6 - pack modules, 80 entrees, breakfasts, side dishes, soups, and individual items are available. An extensive variety of no-cook products, the largest selection in the industry, and basic commodities are offered.

Superior Nutrition with Healthy Natural Ingredients

Provided by freeze-drying, other specialized drying methods, and current food technologies utilizing high quality ingredients.

Freeze-dried Meats Included

A selected number of entrees and individual items contain real beef, chicken, and turkey, with a long shelf life possible only by freeze-drying. AlpineAire is one of the very few recreational and emergency shelf-stable food manufacturing establishments to be federally inspected to comply with the strictest USDA standards for truthfulness in labeling, ingredient conformity, wholesomeness, and cleanliness.

A Long Shelf Life

Industrial quality sealed and specially coated cans with an extremely low residual oxygen atmosphere, is unquestionably the best method available for ensuring a long shelf life for freeze-dried/dehydrated foods. Superior canning techniques at AlpineAire's 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Northern California, utilizes the latest canning technologies.

In 1990 Denis Korn, at that time the owner of AlpineAire Foods, pioneered the use of oxygen absorbers in food reserves, and AlpineAire was the first preparedness products cannery to use this significant technological advance in providing oxygen reduced atmospheres in sealed containers. AlpineAire continues to put oxygen absorbers in each of its canned and pouched products helping to ensure the freshest shelf stable foods possible. Depending on specific foods, shelf life can be up to 30 years.

Foods and Recipes of Proven Value

With over 36 years experience, AlpineAire Foods has had the opportunity of providing foods of nutritional value and satisfying taste for the most demanding adventurers, endurance competitors, and extreme expeditions that require the best foods - consumed under the most challenging conditions. These are folks who know that the food they eat contributes to the caliber of their performance.

To repeat an important point, and one that sets AlpineAire apart from other food reserve companies, few if any food reserve manufacturers can match the proven success of AlpineAire's experience in exclusively feeding and sustaining people for a very long term with verified results! Numerous testimonials, from adventurers who have been sustained by AlpineAire foods exclusively for weeks and months, give evidence to the benefits, value and reputation of AlpineAire Foods.