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Black Beans, Cooked - Dehydrated - each
Black Beans, Cooked - Dehydrated - each

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Black Beans, Cooked Dehydrated

9 Servings at 4 oz dry - 18 Servings at 2oz dry

INGREDIENTS: Crushed Black Beans.

1. Open can and remove oxygen absorber.
2. Reconstitute in the can, pot or suitable container.
3. Using a ratio of 1 part ingredient to 2 parts BOILING water (by volume), add to
contents, stir well and cover.
4. May be prepared HOT or COLD.
5. Allow to stand 7-15 minutes.
6. Drain excess water, stir and serve.

Cold water preparation will take 30+ minutes to re-hydrate.

Processed in a facility that produces peanuts, soybeans,
milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, and wheat.