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Powdered Whole Egg Mix From PrepareDirect

An increasingly popular choice among those looking for backpacking foods as well as survival and emergency preparedness foods is freeze dried, air dried and powdered foods. Eggs, dehydrated vegetables, fruit, beans, and other ingredients provide you with the same nutrient as the original product, and the removal of water makes them stable in a variety of conditions. They will not go bad, which makes them excellent for long-term storage as well as taking along for nutrition during adventures through the great outdoors.

At PrepareDirect, we aim to provide you with only the finest freeze dried, air dried and powdered foods. Our bulk freeze dried and air dried food selection includes many popular choices including beans, strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas, potatoes, carrots, and much more. Each product arrives vacuum-sealed, and each food will keep for years when repackaged in an air-tight container.

We sell the original processors bulk packaging directly to you. This ensures freshness, quality and a substantial savings when you pack your own long term foods.

The Best Freeze Dried, Air Dried and Powdered Foods are Nutritious and Delicious!

We realize you have choices when it comes to freeze dried and other dried foods, so why should you choose powdered eggs, dehydrated vegetables and freeze dried fruit, vegetables and meats from PrepareDirect? Our entire selection of bulk dried foods conforms to the most rigid quality standards. Our suppliers strive for the best each step of the way, from harvesting only the freshest, finest ingredients and processing the food in a kosher and organic facility with in-house microbiology and chemistry testing to ensure quality before these dried foods are vacuum-sealed and sent to our customers. Freshness and quality is ensured each step of the way, so you only receive the finest, most nutritious and flavorful foods available.

Our dried foods are popular with backpackers looking for nutrition in remote areas, and they make a great addition to trail mixes. Survivalists and those focused on emergency preparedness no longer have to settle for stable and bland. Real fruits and vegetables are now easily stored for the long-term, and they provide flavor and nutrition for years. Even chefs turn to us for freeze dried foods and other dried foods for their recipes. Try our products, and we think you'll agree that these are the best dried fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats and ingredients available.

Supplier facilities are:

  • Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
  • Organic approved by QAI
  • HACCP compliant
  • GMA Safe, BRC Inspected as per GFSI
  • Sanitation certified, audited yearly
  • GMP, FDA and USDA compliant

In-house Microbiology Lab:

  • Micro testing
  • Moisture testing
  • Water activity testing
  • Physical testing

In-house Chemistry Lab:

  • PSL testing
  • Pesticide testing
  • Heavy metals testing

While most products are always in stock, due to to the seasonal nature of vegetables and fruits, some items may be unavailable for short periods of time. We will notify you of any items that are out of stock and the anticipated restocking schedule.

All items in this category include FREE shipping in the 48 contiguous states

Egg products will be shipped 10 - 14 days after ordering

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Powdered Whole Egg Mix - 6 oz Pouches Case of 30 Powdered Whole Egg "MIX" - 6 oz Pouches Case of 30

6 oz pouch makes 12 eggs
Each pound makes 32 liquid eggs.
Cooking required - 1 part dry to 1 1/3 parts water - by weight, and mix - use just like fresh eggs. Scrambled, omelet or use in recipes.

List Price: $169.98
Our Price: $149.97
You save $20.01!
Powdered Whole Egg BULK Powdered Whole Egg BULK

Whole egg powder only. Each pound makes 32 liquid eggs. Cooking required - 1 part dry to 1 1/3 parts water - by weight, and mix - use just like fresh eggs. Scrambled, omelet or use in recipes.
50 lb box with poly liner inner bag.

List Price: $359.50
Our Price: $297.87
You save $61.63!