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Who do you trust?

With the current state of affairs and the pervading uncertainty in our society today, it is no surprise that a significant number of people are seeking products for preparedness planning and self-reliance. While I have addressed the question of why prepare in another commentary on our home page, this article focuses on the crucial issue of trust.

Preparedness planning is a prudent and wise action to take. This search for provisions however, can create a dilemma - Who do you trust? Remember, you and your family are relying on preparedness products, especially food and water options, to sustain you during critical times. Some situations can be so catastrophic as to have life or death consequences. It is this very real potential scenario that compels me personally to take the process of emergency planning very seriously.

My 40 years in this industry with extensive research, valuable networking, and hands-on experience has enabled me to be very discerning as to the reliability and knowledge of those attempting to represent the emergency planning process and appropriate products. Numerous preparedness dealers and websites have recently appeared on the scene, and many are claiming the virtues of their products and are hoping to take advantage of current demands. I have been in this industry for a long time, and I have seen numerous companies come and go as political, economic, or prophetic issues dominate the news. With the advent of the internet, it has become even more difficult to assess the reliability of online companies.

Many companies are conscientious and dependable - as a previous manufacturer of food reserve products I have had business relationships with a number of these companies over the years. Unfortunately many are very questionable. I have examined their products, their data, and the accuracy of their information - it ranges from inadequate, to unclear, to erroneous.

I urge you to carefully examine the preparedness marketplace, and as you investigate and evaluate companies in which you may make a small or possibly a substantial investment for foods or products, please give careful consideration to our company - PrepareDirect - and what we can provide for you. To help establish trust and confidence in our company's ability to service your needs, we ask that you review our experience and knowledge, and our commitment to offering only the highest quality products from established industry leaders.

For specific guidelines in evaluating sources of preparedness foods I highly recommend that you read and answer for your own benefit the questions in the article titled "Purchasing Food Reserves - The Essential questions." In many instances equipment considerations can be applied to these questions.

Denis Korn