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Expert Advice

At PrepareDirect our goal is to insure that our customers have purchased the best possible products for their needs and concerns. To help in this process we offer expert advice and counseling on emergency preparedness and food reserves planning. It is essential that our customers have reliable and trustworthy information and insights in which to make conscientious decisions that may have a significant impact on their safety, health, and security.

With over 40 years of experience in all aspects of preparedness planning for "people resources," especially in regards to food issues, Denis Korn founder of PrepareDirect, AlpineAire Foods, and Gourmet Reserves sincerely invites you to contact him with your questions and inquiries. At a time when so many preparedness "experts" have just recently appeared on the scene it presents a dilemma to our customers - Who can you trust? As we survey many current preparedness sites, recently developed by inexperienced product providers, it is unfortunate how much misinformation is being presented as factual. Please take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to be adequately and reliably informed.

For more information about Denis Korn visit About Us and scroll down the page.

Contact Denis at [email protected] or call him at 1-800-775-1991 with your questions.

Corporations, organizations, preparedness groups, churches, and governmental agencies at all levels are urged to contact Denis for information on available consulting services, presentations, and workshops.