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Our investor assortments of high quality, freeze-dried meals, meats, vegetables, and fruits with a very long shelf life provide substantial nutritious foods for times of uncertainty. Reliable foods are essential during emergencies, especially foods of high quality required to sustain us during challenging events.

These foods are valuable for emergency preparedness, outdoor adventure, remote dwellings, RVs, or for convenience at home. With economic uncertainty and high inflation, these foods are an excellent investment and essential during a prolonged emergency.

Vital for:

  • Peace of mind for yourself and your family
  • Use when regular food supplies are unavailable
  • Bartering during financial disruptions
  • A hedge against inflation
  • Providing essential foods for family members, friends, neighbors, churches, temples, and relief organizations during emergencies
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AlpineAire Foods four month plus investor freeze-dried assortment
Investor Assortment ALPINEAIRE in Foil Pouches - 4 1/2 Months
List Price: $4,120.80
Our Price: $3,187.00
You save $933.80!
An unique assortment of high quality no-cooking-required shelf-stable mixed variety freeze-dried foods in 384 foil pouches for 4 1/2 months.