Berkey "Travel" Gravity Water Purifier 1.5 Gal w/Water View Spigot
Berkey "Travel" Water Purifier w/Water View Spigot
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"Travel" Gravity Water Purifier 1.5 Gal w/Water View Spigot

7" Stainless Steel Berkey Water View™ Spigot - NEW

The long-awaited Stainless Steel Berkey Water View™ Spigot! Everything you love about the Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot, now in stainless steel. We eliminated the plastic portion and now your purified water never has to come in contact with a plastic spigot. Easily see the water level of the lower chamber for more confident refills. The spigot handle is our smoothest spigot design, using ceramic disc technology.

The compact TRAVEL BERKEY water filter system is designed for small families of up to 4 people for home use, travel, or outdoor activities. Now you can enjoy virtually the most delicious, freshest, healthiest drinking water possible for pennies a day! Berkey Water Filters are the worlds most powerful and economical personal water purification systems providing reliable and user-friendly water purification in both normal and hostile filtration environments.

Moreover, Berkey purification systems are capable of purifying both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. So powerful, this system is able to remove food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Perfect for everyday use and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

Berkey Filters are the ultimate in water purification and the ideal personal protection and traveling companions. Used worldwide for normal, hostile and emergency environments to provide the purest, sparkling clean water possible. For generations, health-conscious people around the world have recognized that the foundation to a healthy life and healthy body is clean, fresh drinking water. This important essential element is the basis for enjoying your longest, healthiest life. No amount of vitamins or supplements can substitute for the vital life-sustaining properties found in nourishing, healthful drinking water. It is truly the foundation of life!

Unfortunately, securing your access to good tasting, sparkling, and wholesome drinking water can be harder than you might expect. Water is often laced with chlorine, lead, high levels of harmful bacteria, and other unwanted chemicals and contaminants. Frequently these produce unpleasant tastes and odors. Even bottled water can contain these same contaminants, and moreover it is very expensive. Other filtration systems are inferior. Most do not remove pathogenic bacteria and many remove the beneficial minerals that your body needs.

Perhaps that's why Berkey water filters have long been recognized as the world's ultimate in water purification. This simple, highly effective method of using gravity was developed almost 200 years ago, yet it still produces some of the finest, most healthful drinking water available.

Proven History: The high quality and effectiveness of the Berkey system has stood the test of time. These systems have been used by relief organizations such as UNICEF, the Peace Corps, Red Cross Societies Internationally, missionaries, and relief workers in over 140 countries throughout the world.

The durable and efficient Black Berkey filtering elements last for up to 3,000 gallons each - 6,000 gallons total for this unit and can be cleaned as needed with a toothbrush.
- 1.5 gallon lower chamber capacity
- 7.5 inches in diameter, 18 inches tall, 12 inches when nested for transport
- 6 lbs. - Empty
- Produces 2.75 gallons of filtered drinking water per hour
Includes 2 Black Berkey water filter elements
Water storage capacity of 1.5 gal
Elements will purify up to 2.75 gal/hr (with upper chamber full to top)

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