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Emergency and Survival Food From PrepareDirect

Food is the second most important component to sustaining ourselves, only behind water. At PrepareDirect, we set out to ensure that our customers have access to emergency food products which not only provide them with the energy they need to sustain themselves, but ensuring they are products that will be enjoyed. Denis Korn, founder and President of PrepareDirect, introduced the AlpineAire line of shelf-stable foods in 1979.

AlpineAire is the preferred line of healthy camping food by outdoor enthusiasts, and a trusted product line of emergency preparedness professionals.

Healthy Camping Foods and More!

Self-heating MRE meals were popularized by the military, and are an excellent choice for those looking for the comfort of a warm, nutritious meal on an outdoor exploration, or during times of disaster.

PrepareDirect offers this incredible assortment of products to ensure that you and your family remain self-reliant no matter what the conditions. Choose a category above: MRE self-Heating meals, Bulk Freeze-dried foods, and more, to get the nutrition you need, and visit for more tips on self-reliance preparation.

If you are interested in organic food storage, look over NuManna's offerings. It is the only food storage of its kind available. Good for emergency food reserves or convenience at home and camping.