Katadyn Expedition - High Capacity System
Katadyn Expedition

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Expedition - High Capacity System

The Katadyn Expedition is ideal for large groups and relief organizations. It is indestructible and easy to use. This high performance filter is the best choice for expeditions, river rafting, camping, etc. It has a durable stainless steel design; impregnated with an exclusive silver ceramic element lasting up to 26,000 gallons. The Katadyn Expedition High Capacity System removes particles, cysts, and parasites 0.2 microns or larger, while filtering up to 1 gallon per minute. It is portable, self-contained, with built-in piston hand pump. It also has chromium plated brass housing with a stand that's a footrest for easy operation. The 78 inch long (2 meters) intake hose is rugged, yet flexible enough to easily drop into a nearby creek or pond.

Microporous Ceramic retains suspended solids and traps safely all harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The silver-impregnated Ceramic works against bacteria growth. Silver Quartz inside the element controls any possible recontamination through the tab outlet. Katadyn Ceramic provides fresh and natural tasting drinking water without using chemicals.
This product offer maximum water capacity and produce up to 100 times more water than standard water filters. Valuable for expeditions, camps and professional use.
- Technology: 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable)
- Output: 1 gal/min, 4 l/min
- Capacity (depending on water quality): 26'000 gal, 100'000 l
- Weight: 11.5 lbs, 5.2 kg
- Dimensions: 23 x 8 '', 58 x 20 cm
Includes: Prefilter, carry bag, measuring gauge, cleaning pad.

  • The Expedition makes it easy for large groups to have a drinking water supply.
  • Makes carrying large amounts of water (additional weight!) unnecessary in many cases.
  • Indestructible design.
  • Particularly used by rafting operators, relief organizations and army troops.
  • The tried and tested ceramic depth filter removes bacteria, protozoa and other disease-causing agents. The principle: The micro-organisms cannot pass through the mini pores of the filter ceramic (0.2 microns) because of their size (greater than 0.2 microns = 0.0002 mm)
  • Unlike disposable filters, the ceramic can be cleaned several times - even in the field.

  • Filters 4 litres a minute > ideal for groups requiring large amounts of water
  • Indestructible material (metal) > extremely long life (up to 100,000 litres!) and very reliable
  • Cleanable ceramic filter element > also filters cloudy water / can be used many times (not a disposable filter)
  • Few movable parts > simple maintenance
  • Measuring gauge supplied > indicates when the filter element should be changed.
  • Exclusive silver impregnated ceramic lasts up to 26,000 gal (100,000 ltr - depending on water quality)
  • 0.2 micron filtration
  • Output is approximately 1 gal (4 ltr)/min
  • Made with durable stainless steel designField cleanable

Technology: Pump filter, ceramic depth filtration
(0.2 microns = 0.0002mm pores)

Effect: Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae,
spores, sediments and viruses in combination
with particles greater than 0.2 microns.

Weight: 5.2 kg
Dimensions: 58 x 20 cm

Guarantee: 2 years

Material: Nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, ceramic

Accessories: Prefilter and carry bag

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