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Grain Mills

Grain Grinders, Manual Juicers and More

At PrepareDirect, we offer the essentials needed for preparedness and healthful living, including food preparation. For those focused on self-reliance and healthful living, either through personal choice or wanting to be prepared for emergency situations; there are several appliances that can help you reach these goals and still be able to sustain yourself in times of emergency or simply to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

A grain grinder is one of the oldest culinary appliances known to man, used to turn raw grain into flour for cooking. Our selection of hand grain mills and flour grinders allow you to turn harvested grain into flour for cooking, which allows you to create your own foods completely from scratch. This is a great product for those that want a homesteading lifestyle, and PrepareDirect offers both hand-powered and electric grain mills.

Those looking to enjoy fruits and vegetables will find an array of products that allow them to prepare their own healthy products at home. Small and larger food dehydrators and solar ovens allow for drying of fruits, vegetables and meat in preparation for long-term storage or for use in backpacking foods. Manual juicers are a great choice for those looking for self-reliance, and they allow you to enjoy the taste and nutrition of juice even without power.

All of the products offered by PrepareDirect are hand selected by our President, Denis Korn, who has educated people on preparedness and self-reliance since 1975. Browse our products to get the products you need for healthy living, or visit our blog at for more information about self-reliance and emergency preparedness.

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Country Living Grain Mill Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory Country Living Grain Mill Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory

Based on the solid foundation of the Country Living Grain Mill, the Peanut Butter+Plus is the best hand-powered nut butter mill on the market. With it's patented auger, it processes even the largest peanuts that leave other mills clogged and useless. Does other higher oil content nuts and seeds.

Our Price: $185.00
Country Living Grain Mill Country Living Grain Mill

Rated Best In The World!

A masterwork of simplicity and ruggedness.

Built for hand milling, but easily motorized.
Adjustable grind - cracked wheat to pastry flour.
FDA approved, food-grade finish.
High-carbon steel grinding plates.
Lifetime Warranty

List Price: $499.00
Our Price: $489.00
You save $10.00!