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Portable Solar Power for Emergency Preparedness

In many emergency conditions, one of the first things that we must go without is electricity. Weather events often knock out power, and the loss of power may also be the result of other unforeseen events such as terrorism or even simply human error. The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was not caused by weather or terrorism, but a grid load error in Ohio which knocked out power from Toronto all the way down to Washington D.C.

There are many choices when it comes to a home backup generator, or a small portable generator. One of the most common options is gasoline. In many instances, gasoline becomes unavailable or extremely hard to acquire during emergency situations. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Advances in solar powered generator technology have made solar power an excellent choice for those looking for a portable power supply.

Our Solar Powered Generator Selection

Portable solar power is an attractive choice as you do not have to battle crowds to obtain gasoline, and most solar panels still generate some amount of power even in cloudy skies. Solar power can be utilized to provide power in emergency situations, or solar power can be utilized to obtain self-reliance regardless of conditions.

At PrepareDirect, we pick only the most reliable solar powered generators, and we offer a variety of sizes and configurations to meet all needs. Our Solar Joos small portable generator / power pack offers reliable charging of small electronics in most conditions, and it is perfect for those that camp off the grid or those that need to use their mobile phones to communicate with family during disasters. For those focused on self-reliance or those that need a home backup generator, larger installations from Aspect Solar and GoalZero offer power in emergency conditions or as a way to achieve self-sustainability in emergency conditions.

Browse our selection of portable solar power generators today to provide yourself and your family with the electricity needed, even when the grid goes down, and obtain self-reliance. You can also learn more about preparing for emergency conditions and how to equip yourself and your family for these events at our blog,

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